Introductory special for teens ages 14 to 18: $50 discount on the monthly fee



See some example plans for one or more children.


The earlier you start the larger the discount, and the lower the monthly prepayment. The table is example programs. Custom programs are designed to meet your retirement account goal, and your budget. Using the table: example retirement account goal is $1,000,000, child's age is 5; cost is $48.45 per month starting now, payable until the child completes 24 months of attendance.

Example Monthly Cost


* This is a mathematical calculation. It is not a forecast or prediction of an account’s potential return. Past performance of any fund, or investment is not a predictor of future performance. The Roth IRA value is calculated based on the account earning the S&P 50-year average of 11.5% annually. ** number of months Student is employed. Additional family/group discounts can apply.

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