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1417LLC is a retirement planning, market research, and digital advertising company that operates 1417Power and 1417Pulse.

1417Power employs teenagers ages 14 to 17 to work from their home using their PC/laptop/table to complete assigned tasks. Once employed the teenager will be issued a login to the 1417Power work site. We pay from login to logout where we control access time and session duration to enforce full compliance with Federal and State Child labor laws and The Fair Labor Standards Act.


1417Power recruits teenagers to become employees to perform market research and consume advertising messages. Once employed, 1417Power will communicate with the child's parent to educate them on how continued employment at higher wage rate will make their children more successful by providing Life Skills Development, Early Teenage Work Experience and Retirement Wealth Creation by funding a Roth IRA.


1417Pulse provides market research, and digital advertising to businesses that desire to understand and reach the $250 billion annual spending of the 14 through 17 age demographics. Industry experts predict digital advertising will exceed 100 billion spending in 2020. Research indicates the 14 to 17 age group rarely watch broadcast / cable TV or read publications. The majority get their entertainment from Netflix, and YouTube. It has become very difficult and expensive to reach this demographic.


1417LLC offers a solution by employing 14 to 17-year-old teens and requiring them to view digital advertising and responding to market research surveys. 1417LLC will be able to deliver tens of thousands of viewers in a month, where we audit their behavior to ensure they viewed the advertisement and answered related surveys. This provides high value advertising and market research to 1417Pulse Clients.


The business has operated successfully but has temporarily halted operations. All assets of the business as a turnkey read to re-launch operation are for sale as a package. The buyer should have experience / skills in contracting advertising clients.


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