1417Power’s mission is to empower families to help their children be more successful in life by providing Life Skills Development, Early Teen Work Experience, Retirement Wealth Building for their teenage family members in a risk free month to month relationship.

meet our team


Paul M. Lucking President

Paul M. Lucking is the founder of 1417LLC (1417Power and 1417Pulse). He spent 5 years researching and evaluating business concepts related to the creation of 1417Power and 1417Pulse plus the last 3 years in the creation, Alpha and Beta testing of 1417LLC. For the prior 26 years he held “C” level positions with a fortune 500 mid-level and startup enterprises. He was with Federal Express (Sr Managing Director) form 1977 - 1982. Paul holds a BS ME/IE from the University of Minnesota. He is also a US Army veteran.

Yovan Fernandez Chief Technology Officer

Yovan Fernandez is Chief Technology Officer for 1417LLC, 1417Power and 1417Pulse. For 8 years Yovan has worked for Paul at SAI, where he was responsible for systems security (including Visa PCI security compliance), systems engineering, network engineering, applications development, support and maintenance, database design, development operation and administration, plus website development, and support. Yovan holds numerous certificates from Microsoft and Cisco. Yovan built the systems at SAI that handled over 645% year over year growth produced in excess of 100 million transactions monthly. Yovan is a USMC veteran.

Bernard Lucking Chief Sales Officer

Bernie Lucking is functioning as Chief Sales Officer. For the past 15 years Bernie has been an independent insurance agent, selling a broad range of financial products. He held a series 6/63 security license. Prior to this current career he had a 25+ year career with The Aetna Insurance Company, concluding as Director of Claims Operations for the northwest USA (Including Alaska). Bernie holds a BSB from the University of Minnesota. He also holds the professional designation of Certified Employee Benefits Specialist (CEBS).

Jeffrey Kyl Martin Web/Graphic Designer

Jeffrey Martin is 1417Power's Web and Graphic Designer, Developer, Videographer, Photographer, Content and User Interface Creator. Jeff holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. In addition to Web Development, he will be responsible for Help Desk Services and Student Employee On-Line User Experience. He has and is currently developing website content-- including the production of all of our photographs, images, logos, advertisements, brochures, tutorials, videos and all other digital and print media.

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Company Type:

Private Tennessee Limited Liability Corporation.


2012. By Paul Lucking. Headquarters located in Brentwood, TN. Website hosted on GoDaddy dedicated virtual Cloud servers.

Area of Service:

Services can be accessed worldwide, but Clients must be US Citizens.

Type of Indusrty:

Retirement Planning and teenage life Skills development education.

Our Branches


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1417Power operates 1417Power and 1417Pulse as virtual enterprises.  All employees work from their respective homes.

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1417Power is our Life Skills Development, Early Teen Work Experience and Wealth building service. This is where Student Employees perform routinely scheduled activities in Life Skills development and complete market research assignments.

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1417Pulse is our Market Research Company where we produce and distribute accurate and current market research data for the 250 billion dollar 14 - 17 age demographic.




Our Company

1417Power is an online provider of education and employment for US citizens age 14 plus. The primary purpose of 1417Power is to provide employment for 14+ year olds that will allow them to make substantial (up to the maximum allowed by US law) contributions to their Roth IRA. With the prospect that Social Security will be declining as a percentage of retirement income1, individuals currently in their teenage years can expect that they will be individually responsible for a much greater share of their retirement financial needs. Successfully meeting the transition from Social Security to Self Security can be achieved by early funding of a Roth IRA.

Our Business

1417Power and 1417Pulse are divisions of 1417LLC a Tennessee Limited Liability Corporation headquartered in Brentwood, TN. The company was founded in January 20122. 1417Power operates web servers located at Telx3 Miami collocation internet intersect point, to provide its services nationwide. Employees work from their home using their own computers and their Internet connections. The company offers e-learning programs in Money Management, Time Management, Reading and Comprehension, and Ethics focused on the 14 to 17 year old demographic. Enrolled students are provided employment performing services such as: market survey, opinion research, and advertising assessment. These services are marketed to corporate clients that desire market research that is focused on the 14 to 17 age group demographic by 1417Pulse.

Student Employees are paid wages that qualify them to contribute to their own individual Roth IRA. The suggestion to utilize a Roth IRA as a tax exempt vehicle for building wealth was discussed in Forbes Magazine4, and 1417Power is presented as a solution5. 1417 operates as a virtual company with all employees working from their respective home locations. This eliminates the time and expense of commuting, and the impact of a corporate office.

The wealth building is greatly enhanced because the Roth IRA utilizes the principles of compounded Interest and the tax exemption for all future earnings and withdrawals6.

1417Power is not a financial services institution.1417Power Clients have their Roth IRA with brokerage firms such as: E*Trade7, Scottrade8, TD AmeriTrade9, and others, these firms accept starter Roth IRA accounts with no minimum and payroll deduction direct deposits.



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