Teenager Employment Opportunity

Job Title: Clerical – product and service assessment specialist
Job Description:
1417Power employs 14 through 16-year-old individuals to perform assigned tasks which will include reading selected material and answering questions, reading, viewing, listening to selected material followed by answering several multiple-choice, rating, or write in questions. Occasionally printing out and mailing a letter. Keeping an accurate log or journal. Typically, you schedule your work time. However, from time to time you may receive a notification that you are required to work for 30 minutes on any one of three specific future days. You will be paid hourly wages for logged in time. Work time is limited by law to only after school up to 7:00 PM and weekends from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM. You will work from your home using your computer, laptop, or tablet and your Internet.
To qualify you will need:
Be honest
Be Experienced in using web programs requiring a login and password (such as an email account, or any membership type account)
Able to learn from on-line tutorials
Willing and able to following instructions
Have an email account
Have a home computer or tablet with access to the internet and a printer
To be able to read and write English
To be able select answers from multiple choice questions with honesty and integrity
To be able write in sentences reflecting your assessment of a product or service
To have parent or legal guardian permission
Proof of US citizenship, age and residence
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